Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

The weight bench is an exercise equipment. Unlike others equipment, It is used for multi-purpose. The 5 position weight bench also looks excellent. However, it is the truth that this exercise tool is the most effective. Especially the one who is when to take practice at home is the model for him. You can have the universal five position weight bench with a decent price.You are also able to enjoy the multi-work out using the weight bench.

Features of Universal 5 position Weight Bench

This is an Exercise Bench.The chair is adjusted in a five ways. The bench is adjusted form 0, 10, 15, 30, 45.By using this bench; you can have different types of exercise. It is a space saver bench.The long of this bench is 51 inches, wide is 17 inches, and the tall is 25 inches. The universal five position weight bench is easy to assemble. The capacity of this bench is 250 pounds.

Adjustability –

The adjustability of the five position bench is quite exceptional. The bench is adjusted in small places.The bench does not deserve a full area. The size, weight, and length have high coherence.
Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

Maintenance Advice

The five position weight Bench is easy to maintain. There is no hassle of managing the bench. It is also easy to assemble.The sitting is easy, just with the pressing handle; you can modify your bench.


The Universal 5 Position Weight Bench has no any additional accessories.You can perform the best exercise without any extra accessories. If anyone wants to use dumbbells at the time of taking exercise will do this. There is no restriction.

Excellent stability in any types of position

The five position weight bench has stability.It is fit for any types of floor. The bench provides a chance to take a dozen of exercise except for any additional equipment. It is too stable that it does not wobble in any position while taking practice.

Pros and Cons to Using the Universal 5 Position Weight Bench


• 5 positions (-10, 0, 15, 30, 45 degrees);
• Durable build,
• Lightweight to move easily;
• The right amount of comfort
• Total capacity of 430 pounds
• Nicely designed;
• Will not wobble during using dumbbells;
• Recommended for beginners;
• Affordable + great value;


• Lack of assembly instructions;
• Cannot be stored under furniture.

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Frequently asked questions

Question: Is this bench sturdy on carpeted floors?
Answer: Absolutely, no problem on carpeted floors with mine.

Question: Is this bench able to fold fully to place under a bed?
Answer: No it won’t fold flat…

Question: is it good for lifting weights
Answer: It is excellent. I bought it for flat and incline bench presses. I also use it for seated curls and seated shoulkder presses. I think it is a good buy,

Question: I weigh about 140. Can I do dragon flags on this? (Basically, all 140 pounds of my weight put be put on one end while the bench is flat.)
Answer: Jay,Most definately. I put all my weight on one end during an ab exercise, im 260. There will be no issues for you there.

Recommended Routine

The most outstanding aspect of the weight bench is that you will have different types of exercise, it never confines you to a particular set of exercise.Even you can take practice using dumbbells together.The bench also plays the useful role in the spheres of building upper body.

Guarantee Information

The frame of the Universal 5 Position Weight Bench has a two-year warranty where the upholstery cover has warranty 30 days only.The structure is too strong that there is less possibility of damaging this bench.Never forget to care the five position bench.

Ease of use –

Using the five position bench is quite easy.There is nothing complicated.Even assembly is straightforward. So it is needless to be worried about this assembly.


Five position benches is great gym equipment. It provides a variety of workout function.By using this bench, one can have the benefit of using a bunch of gym equipment.Although, and the price range is a bit more. The gym equipment is fruitful.