Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike

Do you ever feel the necessity of working out at home? You can use an upright bike with a pulse. Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike is one of the effective and efficient bikes. The bike is for health conscious people. However, when you go to select the upright bike, you must find out an unbiased review so that you can take knowing INS and out of your desired exercise bike.

you are going to know about Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike in this review, by going through this review you will know whether it is fit for you or not. The mentionable feature of the bike is that it is an affordable folding exercise bike. You may disagree with the above lines that the price is affordable. But when you know all the features of the bike, you cannot but agree.

Let’s know first of the points how the bike is secured and steady

During taking exercise

The bike is lightweight. It is only 39 lbs. with the stabilizer. When you use the bike, you will never feel the fear of falling and rocking because of its stability. The frame consists of tubular steel. So it is lightweight but stable. The frame has also limited 1 year’s warranty.


Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike is adjusted with different height. If you feel that height is not adjusted, you should loosen the pin or knob, then insert again nearest preset hole, after that tighten it entirely.

Drive Type

The drive of the bike is like V- shape. It connects the pedal with a flywheel. The drive system is effective for riding the bike smoothly and swiftly. It also helps to prevent slipping from various resistance levels.


Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike has LCD. You can read quickly during working out. In the console, you will have the speed, distance and the rate of calories burning, time, heart rate, odometer, and others. The record will inspire you to go ahead and take a step more. The chance of recording workout is excellent. The console has 2 AAA batteries.


Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Bike is adjusted with different height. If you feel that height is not adjusted, you should loosen the pin or knob, then insert again nearest preset hole, after that tighten it entirely.

Magnetic Tension

There are eight levels of magnetic levels of a system. These magnetic levels are helpful for removing resistance. The tension knob controls the position of magnets.

Consumer Ratings:

Most of the practical user is satisfied with this bike. It helps to be fit physically and mentally. So it is the choice of the users.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike is one of the highly rated bikes. Its set up, stable, durability is impressive. The reviews comes from users are satisfactory.

Let you know the details.


• Easy and quick to assemble
• The price makes this affordable
• Provides a low impact workout
• Holds steady while you workout


• It is not designed for standing on the pedals
• There is no water bottle holder,
• The padded seat can’t be replaced easily.
• No pre-set workout guidance
• Not suitable for serious athletes

Customer Questions & Answers

Answer: Very easy. The main body is one part, you just bolt on the seat, the two “feet,” the pedals, and the computer.

Question: I am 6 foot tall. Is the bike fit for tall people?
Answer: Yes. I am 6’4″, and it works well for me.

Question: Is this bike easy to lean elbows on handles and read?
Answer: We put the book in our hands and rest back of hands on bars. Very comfortable. That is why we purchased ths particular bike.

Question: Can the pedal resistance be lowered to almost no resistance?
Answer: Yes. My wife started her knee reabh routine with very little or no resistance.


This bike is perfect for keeping yourself in shape. It burns calories, Lessens weight, efficient irrespective of abilities and age. The stability of bike is enough; you can use the couch even like a chair;It means you can watch TV, read a book on this couch; it is too much stable that you will never feel hesitate to sit a longer period there.You can meet your goal using this bike.

It is a comfort, smooth and durable. The design of this bike is reliable and compact. The price of this machine is unaffordable as a result, everyone who is interested in observing the design, features, and durability; they can take feeling never a hesitation.