Century The Original Wave Master Freestanding Training Bag

The Wave master original freestanding training bag is to develop kicking, punching, striking. Those consist of high-density foam and a rounded base. The bag is fulfilled with sand or water. This wave master Freestanding Training Bag review is perfect for you if you want to select a bag for having the best output. The punching bag is excellent for developing energy.
Wave Master Freestanding Training Bag
Unlike others freestanding bag, Century the Original Wave master bag is not banal. Rather, it plays different roles. Its features are extraordinary. What you will have from the freestanding training bag;

  • Optimal Resistance and Rapid Rebound
  • Have rapid bound and optimal strength
  • Smooth roll for rounding base
  • Seven height adjustment
  • Weight only 250 lbs.

The exerciser uses Wave master free standing training bag for a shake of developing his body structure mainly to increase the speed of physical activities.
Using Wave master free standing punching bag, one can make himself dynamic. It also increases the art of punching and kicking. The bag is designed such a way that it does not topple.

Choose the wave master Freestanding Training Bag

The bag comes with a sturdy vinyl and high-density foam. The bag is perfect for different aged people. You can select your bag of a different color such as black, blue, red and another color. You can choose one

According to your intention…

You can also a select bag of different height. You can place in a gym or keep your home for practicing. The bag is not torn and gets holes after using a short time like the other banal punching bag. You will have a lot of punching bag consist of lighter material as a result, the beg is worn out easily.

Wave Master Freestanding Training Bag brought in the 90s. Century, so the manufacturer feels proud about their products. It is a high-quality product. It is market leading beg. It will be clear to you when compare and contrast with present leading bags of the market.

How much time your bag will be long lasting, it depends on how your bag has been made. Why the century outstanding bag is stand out because each features of this bag has consistency with each other’s

You can know all the features and quality of the Century Wave master punching bag going through the mentioned words.

Weight and Sizes

The weight of the punching bag is up to 250 pounds. It has adjustable height also. The height can be lifted up to 68 inches.


All the equipment has to tolerate a lot of punishment. It can tolerate kicking, pushing and others presser. The bag has been designed in such a way that it can tolerate all types of a presser.

Comfort and Use

Century Wave Master Freestanding Training Bag is comfortable to use. It is a stable bag. When you punch and kick the bag, you will notice that the bag will not jump, rather it is stable. Overall, you will feel comfort when you use the bag.

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: is assembly required?
Answer: Hello. Just fill the base with water or sand for weight and set bag on base.

Question: Do you have to wear gloves when punching this bag?
Answer: You should, yes. To protect your knuckles and wrists.

Question: Can 12 year olds use this?
Answer: Yes. You can set the height and it’s sturdy.

Question: What is the diameter of the bag?
Answer: Let’s see… diameter, diameter. That’s the distance around… no, no.
Okay, seriously, diameter is 13″.

Final verdict:

The Wave master free standing training bags have a lot of advantages; you may have noticed this that this bag requires too much less space.

Second, it does not need hanging apparatus, so there is no chance of falling from the ceiling, even one should not be concern about it too much.

As hanging bags: The bag has the rounded base, so it is easy to move. Besides those, the different user has different benefit based on his
Practice. This punching bag is fit for both a martial artist and home user. But all the wave master punching bag is -not same. The century wave meter is user friendly so it is worthy of new user.